9 Month Hand Holding Program

This program is for you if you need specific support, for whatever reason, on an immediate situation, traumatic event, or challenging season  before you start using the Soul Power Coach™  tools.  This is the most intense level of interaction that includes daily and weekly contact.

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6 Month Steady Support Program

This program is for you if you are ready to get beyond knowing what to do and actually start doing it – consistently! This level is for the self motivated who still struggle with procrastination, being stuck, or any level of self sabotage. I’ll help you learn exactly how to use the tools and built the habits of better decision making based on your unique life purpose.

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6 Month Support Plus Hybrid Program

This program is a hybrid version of my 6 month and 9 month programs.  If you feel the 9 Month Handholding program is too much coaching support, but the 6 Month Steady Support program is not enough. This is the right choice for you.

This coaching program provides regular check ins between coaching conversations to ensure you are maintaining your momentum and staying focused.

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Which program is the perfect level of coaching support for you?