How long have you been doing this and how did you get to be the Soul Power Coach™?

Adrienne Fikes, The Soul Power CoachI have always been fascinated by how people create unspeakable joy. What is that “thing” that inspires people to own and embrace their authority and influence over their own lives? Yes, I am a people geek. For well over a decade I worked on these questions as a training and development specialist, and management analyst. Prior to that, my background was working research projects in the area of child growth and development for a noted university.I spent most of this time being rewarded and applauded for my efforts while being completely frustrated by the lack of change at the heart of the matter. The projects and issues I was being asked to address did not move me. I wondered why doesn’t that parent dealing with substance abuse care enough to change that baby’s diaper or play games with their child? What causes people to ignore the small things they can do to improve the overall health, safety and well being of an unhappy unproductive workplace? Why won’t that secretary sign up to take those free college courses with her friend to advance and progress beyond that desk? Why do those executives think that the problems within the organization have more to do with others instead of them? Can it really be a simple as I think it is to make a lasting impact in a complex situation?I wanted to change the world. I wanted people to love what they do and love who they are. Loving who you are is the best way to be well equipped and willing to love and meet the needs of those around you. In the same way that leadership and personal accountability are the hallmarks of any solution I proposed, I challenged myself to be the change I wanted to see in the world.On the job, I chose to focus my energies on the parent that wanted to nurture and care. The secretary that was ready to advance – alone if need be. The executive that wanted to learn how to lead with integrity. Simultaneously, I began to challenge myself to pursue a career path with unspeakable joy. My personal and professional development became a priority in my life. I began looking for effective ways to love and accept myself. Where is my responsibility for this circumstance. What can I learn about myself in this experience? What is the difference between what I say and what I do? Why is that person pushing my buttons and what lesson am I getting about myself?After years of starts and stops, I launched Soul Power, LLC in 2008. I became the Soul Power Coach™ to take what I learned over all those years and put it into The Live with Soul Power System™. I am doing this to encourage people like me who are ready to step out of the crowd and honor the spirit of love and joy that resides within all of us. That love and joy is what drives me to be of service to, and inspire others to embrace their own Soul Power.


Who do you work with?

I only work with creative thinkers like artists, entrepreneurs, engineers, performers, writers, and other problem-solvers. I love coaching people who have big ideas about being of service to the world but are often afraid of their own talents. They have a passion about something and often loose track of time doing that thing they love to do. In fact, they spend so much time on that passion that they are absent-minded or neglectful in other life areas creating reoccurring problems or crises. They privately consider themselves to be their biggest enemy and often struggle with procrastination, doubts, fears, analysis-paralysis and other variations of self-sabotage and stubbornness.They are very skilled at presenting excuses masked as good reasons for not pursuing a big dream. Usually they use their excuses and success in other areas as a distraction from their true purpose. By the way, you aren’t fooling anyone. Just saying.I love coaching people who are looking for better systems for discipline, work-life balance, and focus. They often dream more than they take action. Even if they are accomplished, following through on a brilliant idea is a struggle and normally does not happen without external support. My clients often come to me struggling with indecision over a career change that incorporates their natural gifts or drowning in a sea of over commitment and stress from trying to maintain a successful business. They have a growing list of “un-dones” and “should-dos”, and are now open to receive guidance on being more effective managing their time.Generally they are already pretty awesome people who need more peace of mind to be comfortable taking the initiative and risks required to exist within a seriously creative space. The comfort zone is no longer comfortable yet the road ahead still feels lonely or dangerous. So they are stuck hoping to summon the courage to move forward – one day. They feel somewhat like a misunderstood ‘lone wolf’ and would love to find a new tribe of support to encourage their vision.Many of my clients have spent too much time hoping to make these changes on their own. The self-help books, the videos, the seminars, the temporary enthusiasm – do it yourself has not helped to the extent necessary and they are getting discouraged and frustrated.

As soon as they stop talking themselves out of reaching for help and are ready to invest in the right guidance and support, I show them exactly how to be more focused, balanced, accountable, and accomplished by embracing their own Soul Power. That’s how they find the unspeakable joy they crave!


What if I’m not exactly like the people you describe?

That’s a great question. Thank you! Listen, EVERYONE has a unique purpose. If you are a creative thinker with big dreams about being of service to the world I would be honored to help you push that dream into purposeful action.If you are still searching for your purpose and passions to get lost in, let’s talk about identifying that purpose. You may be working in proximity to your purpose. You may be working to support your purpose. You may be struggling to be successful in your purpose and weighing a decision to go back to a corporate 9-5. Perhaps you aren’t quite sure what your purpose is but can identify with wanting to serve the world in a big way. If this is you, you are probably in the right place. Go ahead and request your Taste of Soul Power Conversation HERE.


How are you different from a therapist or counselor?

Many counselors and therapists use coaching as a tool in their practice; however, I am not a therapist or counselor. I look at the distinction this way – a counselor or therapist works with you to make bad things from your past smaller. I empower you to make good things in your present and future enormous!This coaching program is not therapy and does not substitute for therapy if needed, and does not prevent, cure, or treat any mental disorder or medical disease. My clients are fully responsible for their physical, mental and emotional well-being during coaching meetings, including all choices and decisions.


How are you different from other life coaches?

I coach with the philosophy that people are resourceful, creative, and can master the ability to get the results they want by making deliberate choices. I help clients unlock their own answers and build upon their natural strengths and abilities.I named my company Soul Power because I know you have what it takes inside of you to quickly and consistently generate your own focus, peace of mind, balance, accomplishment, and unspeakable joy.My job as the Soul Power Coach™ is to show you exactly how to use your own Soul Power and work myself out of a job!Living with Soul Power is a life skill. It’s like helping you learn how to ride a bike. Once you learn how, you are empowered to ride that bike as often as you like for the rest of your life. This is why I structure my coaching packages with a definite beginning and an end.I teach you exactly how to use this simple practical system so you can live the rest of your life with more focus, balance, accountability and accomplishment.


What is expected of me?

You get out of this program what you put into it. I only work with people who are totally committed to getting fantastic results. This means that you are expected to communicate honestly, be open to feedback and assistance, and create the time and energy to participate fully in the program in order to learn how to achieve agreed upon ‘Key Results’. If you are not totally committed, I am probably not the right coach for you.


Are there people that you will NOT work with?

Oh yes indeed! This program will not work for people who are not ready to stop making excuses, or who talk themselves out of doing the work to learn new skills. I do not work with people who actively resist change, chose to continue being negative thinkers, or are not ready to invest in themselves. I will not work with people who play the victim or blame others for their results. If you do not live with integrity, are not open to feedback, or are not committed to put your energy into this program, I am not the right coach for you. If you find satisfaction in being a Debbie Downer or thinking like Eeyore from Winne the Pooh, no problem – I’ll be more than happy to refer you to another coach. But this is sooo not who you are so let’s not even go there. Breathe, Stretch, Shake! Let it go!


What exactly is The Live with Soul Power System™ and what does it include?

In keeping with my unique approach to empower you and work myself out of a job, I structure my coaching program with a definite beginning and an end. The Live with Soul Power System™ is the most practical habit-building system available to get the personal accountability, focus, balance, and peace of mind you need to be more accomplished, creative, and successful for the rest of your life. It is a commitment to a series of coaching conversations with Adrienne the Soul Power Coach™ based on the level of support you require. We can cover the 6, 6+ Hybrid, and 9-month coaching program options in a moment.


Does this really work?

Yes![Disclaimer: This works IF you DO the WORK. You MUST TAKE ACTION to see your desired results] I am just like you. I live this proven system in my own life every single day. It works for me and that is what drives me to tell & show others like you how to do it. That said, I make no guarantee about the results you will achieve nor am I responsible for the results you achieve due to the subjective nature of the work. You must be ready to do the work to make it work.


What results can I expect?

This is a process that guides people to learn how to consistently achieve results, well-being, and make purposeful choices. Many of my clients come to me to learn exactly how to be more focused, balanced, accountable, and accomplished by embracing their own Soul Power.

As a Client, You Will Learn EXACTLY How To:

  • Be more focused
  • Have greater peace of mind
  • Have greater life balance
  • Create habits for being more accountable
  • Achieve higher levels of meaningful success
  • Identify your unique life purpose
  • Increase your fulfillment and satisfaction
  • Tap into your personal best practices to get more consistent results
  • Develop time management and prioritization strategies
  • Notice more quickly when you have moved away from your purpose
  • Make decisions that bring you back to your purpose
  • Make choices that are consistent with your values
  • Understand where you are, and what results you want to achieve
  • Increase your well-being and productivity
  • Make progress that is sustainable after the coaching program end


Why do you expect such a big investment for this coaching program?

I only work with people who understand the value of regularly investing in themselves. This is a private coaching program from a highly experienced, qualified, caring, and certified coach who understands that learning is a life long investment. Aside from my work experience, advanced degree, and the 125+ hours of individual coach training I invested to complete an ICF-accredited coach training program, I participate in my own regularly scheduled personal and professional development to improve myself and to learn how to better serve my clients. My clients understand the value of a coach who walks the talk.Learning to live with Soul Power is about so much more than an investment of your time, energy, or financial resources. I want to help you stretch what you think is possible and your full commitment is needed for us to accomplish that together.Stop for just a moment and ask yourself: What would it be worth for me to know how to more quickly and consistently do or experience the most important things I want? How would it change my life right now? This year? In five years? Over the next 10-20 years? This is what you are investing in.Living with Soul Power is a life skill. I equate it to teaching you how to ride a bike. Once you know how to ride the bike, I have worked myself out of a job with you AND you can continue to ride for the rest of your life. The more often you ride that bike, the more value you receive from investment. If you insist on living with an “I can’t afford this” attitude, I am not your coach. If you are ready to move out of that mentality of lack, let’s talk about how I might help.


Isn’t this just common sense? Can’t I just do this myself?

Ah yes! The lone wolf, bargain hunting, do-it-yourself approach is certainly one way to go. I did it for years. There are plenty of tools and resources free and available to you to help you change your life. The question is how much time and money have you already spent hoping to make these changes on your own? Are you frustrated by the difference between where you are and where you wanted to be by now? I gotta ask you to be real with yourself in this moment. If you have more than one self-help book, video series, seminar binder, audio set, podcast, or forgotten affirmation collecting dust on your shelf, maybe it’s time to consider another way.Maybe it’s time to recognize that approach as your ego using fear, pride, or shame to keep you small and stuck. I’m really sorry if this made you flinch. Someone had to call it what it is. It’s okay. If you are like me, this was my issue for years. I had it all twisted, backwards, and wrong. Now I know that strong people ask for help- they take shortcuts by learning from others. The weak are the ones that struggle alone to get less spectacular results on a longer more difficult road. KNOW better so you can DO better, right?

Side note to my marvelous colleague: You may be someone who “does this” for others. Fantastic! And please do not allow your profession or your experience to make you THINK you cannot benefit from working with a coach. Personally, I love learning from others. I get much faster results when I allow people who “do this” to show me what I am not seeing in myself. We both know there will always be some professionals that love to GIVE but will not TAKE advice. No one likes that guy. That guy cannot honestly serve his own clients while in that space. Do not be that guy. Please and thanks.Chances are it is not a lack of “knowing” this information that is your obstacle anyway. Your Achilles is that whole “consistently inconsistent” glitch you have been living with for years. You have not developed the “stick-to-it-ness” to stay with something long enough to make it work and see the tangible fruits of your efforts. Lack of Follow Through is the story of your life. Well it has been up until right now.You do not have to learn how to do this alone. I do not believe it is a coincidence that you are reading this. I can show you how to step away from the myth of the self-made success and tap into the tribe that surrounds you to love, support, and nurture your dreams.

Since you reading this is not a coincidence, perhaps this is the time to stop talking yourself out of reaching for help. Maybe this is the time to make a serious investment in yourself and the right guidance and support. Do you think it is time to commit to the opportunity, that you asked for, to grow and develop beyond your current level? I can show you exactly how to be more focused, balanced, accountable, and accomplished by embracing your own Soul Power.


Isn’t coaching just for people with serious issues?

Getting coached does not mean you are broken or have serious issues. Being coached means you are getting even better at being EXACTLY who you were meant to be. There is nothing wrong with who you are. You are exactly who you are for a very good reason. Your experiences -good and not so good- helped shape you into the unique individual that you are. Those experiences are what make you the only one who can do what you do in the way you would do it.Life is about embracing and loving yourself fully and unconditionally. If you have any room in your life for more peace of mind, more love, more confidence, more accomplishment, more unspeakable joy, or more purpose, then this is a good time in your life to start living with more Soul Power!

Ok, well how satisfied are your other clients?

I do not talk about who I work with for two reasons: 1. What you put into this is completely subjective and determines what you get out. 2. My client conversations are confidential. That said, I know that nothing I ever say about how awesome living with Soul Power is will ever make a more powerful impression than what other people say. Therefore, here are several quotes from people who were willing to share with you how satisfied they are after conversations with Adrienne the Soul Power Coach™:



How will we work together and what does the program include?

You have the option to work virtually with a webcam (via Google+ or Skype) or over the phone. The length of time and specific tools used all depends on the package you select. All programs include:
  • Private One-on-One Soul Power Coaching Conversations
  • Developing Your Unique Life Purpose Statement
  • Tools to Notice the Difference Between What You Say and What You Do
  • Tools to Notice the Difference Between How You Want to and Actually Feel
  • Your Personally Customized List of Guidelines for Living
  • Virtual & In Person Coaching Available


How long is the program?

I have 6 month, 6 month plus, and 9 month options depending on the level of support you need. Which option works best for you?

9 Month Hand Holding Program

This program is for you if you need specific support, for whatever reason, on an immediate situation, traumatic event, or challenging season  beforeyou start using the Soul Power Coach™  tools.  This is the most intense level of interaction that includes daily and weekly contact.

6 Month Steady Support Program

This program is for you if you are ready to get beyond knowing what to do and actually start doing it – consistently! This level is for the self motivated who still struggle with procrastination, being stuck, or any level of self sabotage. I’ll help you learn exactly how to use the tools and built the habits of better decision makingbased on your unique life purpose.

6 Month Support Plus Hybrid Program

This program is a hybrid version of my 6 month and 9 month programs.  If you feel the 9 Month Handholding program is too much coaching support, but the 6 Month Steady Support program is not enough. This is the right choice for you.

This coaching program provides regular check ins between coaching conversations to ensure you are maintaining your momentum and staying focused.

Download A Pile Of Freebies

Download FREE Coaching Audios and awhole pile of simple strategies to instantly avoid the burnout & struggles of creative problem solvers who have a true heart for helping others! Freebies also include your own Tuesday Challenges delivered at 7a ET from Adrienne the Soul Power Coach™.


What is a Taste of Soul Power Conversation?

This is a complimentary conversation where we talk about:

  • The Most Important things you want to have or experience in your life within the next 6 months
  • How to use your own Soul Power to quickly & consistently have greater focus, personal accountability, balance, and peace of mind to accomplish your dreams!

This conversation was designed to help you decide which package may work best for you and if we might work well together. Schedule a Taste of Soul Power Conversation

How much does this all cost? 

You probably noticed there are no prices on my site. I’m not trying to be evasive. Chances are, if you are like me, knowing the prices before you know which coaching program works best for you will only tempt you to make a terrible decision based on cost not value. It’s okay, I totally get it.

How about we let you decide which level of support works best for you and then I’ll answer every pricing question you have about all of my programs, okay? Since I’m in the business of working myself out of a job and creating happy campers, too much or too little support does neither one of us any good. Besides, I don’t do pressure and I only work with people who are ready to say yes to showing up for themselves.

You should know that there are 3 payment options for each program. I do NOT work by the hour. You can choose upfront pricing, payments spread out during the time we work together, or you can choose to extend monthly payments beyond the actually coaching program. Feel free to choose the program that works best for you.




Do people ever sign up for longer than 9 months?

Soul Power Clients sign up for a 3, 6, or 9 month commitment. My current services teach you how to use life skills. My job as the Soul Power Coach™ is to show you exactly how to use your own Soul Power and work myself out of a job! To use the bike analogy again, even if you chose not to ride the bike for years, you have what it takes to pull that bike of the garage and ride whenever you make the choice to use those skills again.My strongest intention is for you to consistently live with Soul Power for the rest of your life.
Although no one has ever taken me up on it, I do offer a Maintenance Package for former clients who got off track and need a quick conversation to get back into the flow. This is not another formal program just a few scheduled conversations to dust off those good habits again. If you are a former client in need of a loving kick in the pants or as you call it “that look”, you already know where to find me. No judgment. Don’t wait. Let’s get you back into your groove.

OK, I want to work with you. How do we get started?

Congratulations! If you are ready to start living with Soul Power, please Schedule a Taste of Soul Power Conversation May I gently suggest you do it right now. I’m not judging you; however, we both know how you get distracted. It’s all coming from love. Work with it.


I need more information. How can I figure out if this is a good fit for me before I commit?

That’s great! I am happy to offer you a private, complimentary Schedule a Taste of Soul Power Conversation to learn if this is the right solution for you. Please request your coaching conversation today.  Any additional questions wil be answered during our time together. I highly suggest you request this conversation right now before you end up surfing elsewhere on the net or start talking yourself out of moving on this. Jus sayin. I know how you are because I live with it myself.

This sounds great but what if I am a very busy person? How much time do I need to commit to this program?

We make time to do the things that are important or interesting to us.

If you are overwhelmed, can you afford NOT to make the time? If you have the will, I can help you find the way without much effort. You just read this whole interview didn’t you? (yup, I see you) Ok, I’m serious. Ask yourself are you enforcing your priorities and personal boundaries? Is your life out of balance? Are your daily tasks scattered and unfulfilling? Are you getting distracted by things that are inspiring but not purposeful? You might be extremely busy but is the majority of your time spent handling other people’s priorities? Are the things you really want getting done? Could it be that you might be using other people or responsibilities as the perfect obstacle to hold you back from what you really want simply because you are not quite ready to receive what you asked for?

As for the actual time, Mom always says you have to learn to crawl before you can walk. On average, you may need several hours a week toward your intention of learning these new skills. As you grow in your skills and incorporate them into your existing systems of organization, decision making, and support, the time commitment will not seem as large.

Time management is something that many of my clients want to focus on. Imagine knowing how to create the time and space to be creative and enjoy your life all while being responsible! I’m looking to show you exactly how to be who you authentically are and accomplish those things that bring true meaning and satisfaction into your life. Do something great for yourself right now. Request your private complimentary Taste of Soul Power Conversation


OK, I’m excited to get started, but I have a couple of additional questions. Can I contact you?

Yes, of course! I am happy to offer you a complimentary Taste of Soul Power Conversation to answer any additional questions you have. To request your Taste of Soul Power Conversation sign up HERE I recommend that you do it right now. I’m not judging you; however, we both know how you get distracted. It is what it is. Work with it.

Please finish reading this interview about Adrienne’s background, qualifications, experience, and other interesting things to know about the Soul Power Coach™ . If the information in this interview does not answer your additional questions, please contact Soul Power with your specific question.


Are you available for speaking, workshops, or group presentations?

Yes, of course! You will be quite the hero around the office when you book Adrienne, the Soul Power Coach™ for a compelling, fun, and engaging presentation during your next meeting, conference, retreat, panel discussion, motivational keynote, customer event, breakout session, training, or incentive program.Learn more about available presentations on the Soul Power Coach™ Speaker Page


Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, I do accept credit cards. Client payments are made by authorized recurring payments based on the program payment option you choose.


What is your professional background? Do you have a bio?

Yes. This is my current bio: Adrienne, the Soul Power Coach™, M.Ed. is a Certified Success Coach (C.S.C.) and the founder of Soul Power, LLC. She has supported client business plans and initiatives at the executive, supervisor, organizational, group, and individual levels for well over a decade. She specializes in promoting leadership development and accountability as a core business strategy. Adrienne worked as a management analyst with EMCUBE, Inc., a technical engineering and management consulting firm, from 2002-2010. Soul Power, LLC is a direct result of the vision, accomplishments, wisdom, and relationships Adrienne developed working at EMCUBE, Inc. Adrienne is certified as a C.S.C. by Success Unlimited Network® an ICF-accredited coach training and certification program. She earned a Masters Degree in Education and Human Development (M.Ed.) from The George Washington University, and a Bachelors of Science in Psychology with honors (B.S.) from Georgia State University. She is a qualified administrator for several workplace competency and personality assessments.Adrienne’s professional affiliations include the Success Unlimited Network®, the International Coaching Federation, and the American Society of Training and Development. Adrienne proudly serves on the Board of Directors of the Parent Leadership Training Institute of Alexandria, Virginia (PLTI) where she has assisted the Executive Director with organizational development, facilitator recruitment, participant interviews, mentoring, program marketing, and evaluation for over five years. She is the current Executive Director.


What do you like to do for fun?

You mean besides coaching? I am generally a very happy person who loves life, music, sunshine & joy! I dance every chance I get. I love to get in a sweat out your hairdo kinda dance. I also really enjoy – wait a minute! Are you getting distracted already? Did you request your Taste of Soul Power Conversation? Stop reading and sign up HERE If this interview did not answer all of your questions about The Live with Soul Power System™, Adrienne’s background, qualifications, or experience, please contact Soul Power with your specific question.
Thanks for reading! I’m excited to speak with you soon!


Request your private, complimentary Taste of Soul Power Conversation!