What is this program?

This program is for you if you need specific support, for whatever reason, on an immediate situation, traumatic event, or challenging season you start using the Soul Power Coach™  tools.  This is the most intense level of interaction that includes daily and weekly contact.

How do I know if this is the right program for me?

This is the Do-it-with-HANDHOLDING Option. You can’t afford to wait any longer. You really want to jump straight into implementation to start seeing and feeling results immediately but their is something immediate that needs to be addressed first. Consistency, focus, procrastination, and other self-sabotaging behaviors are crushing issues for you and you know you need an intense level of support and structure.

How does the Soul Power Coach help me?

We schedule customized weekly contact in addition to 10 private coaching meetings. I climb into the trenches with you to work on each assignment and give you the feedback and tools to move quickly. This program creates habit-building results with high frequency contact and intense focus.

What does this program include?

  • Daily Accountability Activities
  • Weekly Strategy & Focus Activities
  • 10 Private One-on-One Soul Power Coaching Conversations
  • The Life Purpose Process
  • The Take Action Plan
  • The Results Game and Analysis
  • The Well Being Game and Analysis
  • The Guidelines for Living
  • Road Mapping
  • Finding Your Tribal Circle of Support
  • SUN Decision Tool
  • A Completely Customized Experience to Help You Use the Soul Power Coaching Tools
  • Greater Scheduling Flexibility
  • Virtual & In Person Coaching Available

Where will the coaching take place?

You can opt to be coached:

  1. Virtually via webcam
  2. Over the phone

What is my time commitment?

This 9-month Soul Power Coach Program meets for 10 Private Coaching Meetings. Each meeting is 2 hours and is scheduled every 5 weeks These meetings are supported by daily activities and weekly contact with the Soul Power Coach™

What are my other coaching support program options?

There are 3 coaching options available to you. This is the Hand Holding 9-Month Option. Please review the 6-Month Option and the 6-Month Hybrid Option to decide what level of coaching support is the right fit for you.

Is the Hand Holding Program the perfect level of support for you?