May I Ask For Your Forgiveness?

I must ask for your forgiveness.

Would you be kind enough to indulge this humble request from the bottom of my heart? Don’t do it for me, do it for your Soul Power Life Area of HEALTH

Please let me explain…

You see, last week I wrote about the time in your life when you crashed and burned.

I may have brought up some things that you didn’t want to think about.

I could have reminded you of some time in your life that you don’t want to revisit.

I may have sent you back to that time that you weren’t too fond of yourself and how you behaved.

You may have been thinking I was insane.

Did I really have the nerve to suggest that you celebrate such a terrible mistake and complete failure?

Why would I ask you to pay attention to your errors, goofs and flaws?

Seriously, who does that?!

I mean, there may be some less severe mistakes that you could think to celebrate but I’m talking about that one horrible, terrible, complete, and painful failure that you can’t seem to get past.

The failure you tried to forget as soon as you thought about it. The one you had not allowed yourself to think of in quite some time. You almost fooled yourself into thinking it was forgotten. There was absolutely nothing to celebrate about it. There was nothing redeeming about how things turned out. I was just bad all around. And here I come bringing it up again.

Yes, I take full responsibility for asking you to do that and I am sincerely and humbly asking for your forgiveness. So…

Please forgive yourself.

Yes, forgive yourself. It feels terrible just thinking about any celebration of that mistake because you have not forgiven yourself. You cannot see how that moment does not define you until you are willing to forgive yourself. You cannot see how that moment is shaping you today because you have not faced it and let it go. You haven’t learned much from it other than more ineffective ways of pushing those feeling away.

Aren’t we all human?

Don’t we all make mistakes?

Haven’t you forgiven others for what they have done?

Don’t you deserve a fresh start?

Are you willing to begin the celebration with forgiveness?

Release it.

Allow yourself to move forward into a better place.

Don’t make excuses for what happened.

Stop beating yourself up for what you did.

No, this is not about finding fault.

There is power in owning your own actions.

Acknowledge your remorse, your guilt, your anger, your disappointment.

Let go of the shame

Offer a sincere apology to yourself

Then, when you are ready, accept your apology.

How do you feel about forgiving yourself for that total failure? What are you blocking from your life because you haven’t forgiven yourself? How are you impatcing your own health and well being holding a grudge?

If you find yourself unable to forgive yourself, please let me know. I have some simple tools that can help you become more open and receiving of your own forgiveness. Give me a call right now 703.405.2029.

Love, Peace, & Happiness,
Adrienne, the Soul Power Coach™

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