The Most Stubborn Person In Your Life

Who is the most stubborn person in your life?

I’m sure you have heard that everyone in our life is there for a reason, even if for just a season. Sometimes those people in our lives that irritate us are there to serve an important, maybe even painful, lesson about where we need to grow in ourselves. This week, I want to highlight the Soul Power Life Area of Personal Growth.

So today, let’s focus on lessons from that stubborn person in your life. There might be several names that come to mind. All the better! Take a moment to respond to the follow questions about this person- or persons collectively- as we identify some of the lessons they are here to teach us.

What makes them a stubborn person?

Do they they identify with being stubborn or do they consider their stubbornness to be something else?

How can you tell when they are being stubborn?

What bugs you the most when they are being stubborn?

How do you deal with them when they are being stubborn?

Would their life be different if they were not so stubborn? How?

What is the biggest reason for them to stop being so stubborn?

Did you record your answers? I hope so. If not, take a moment to respond to each question now.

You see, here’s the thing about stubbornness or any other emotion that we see showing up in others:

What We See In Others Is A Direct Reflection of Our Own Self

A person wiser than me said that the opposite of love is not hate. It is indifference.

What part of how you described that person also describes you on some level? [See Answer Below]

Perhaps the reason that person came into your mind is because the part of them that you described resonates with something inside you. Something about who you are now, something about who you use to be, or something you desire to become is sensitive to the commonality. Game recognize game so to speak.

You might be ready to accept that. Or you might not – we know how stubborn you can be. (<<First Name>> see what I just did there?)

The bright side of this is that stubborn people, like us, know how to be determined, consistent, tough, and we know what we think we want.

The not so good news is that our stubbornness usually comes hard at us with rational thinking and good excuses to create toxic levels of self sabotage and resistance, discouraging us from living with purpose and unspeakable joy.

Stubbornness comes from that part of you that wants things to be safe, secure, familiar, and predictable. For better or worse, it wants you to stay right where you are limited by your fears, pride, and competitive self. Stubbornness can be stubborn even when it knows there is a better way.

I invite you to consider your responses and find new ways to deal with your stubbornness for the very reasons you listed above.

Today, make the decision to use stubbornness as a signal. When you recognize yourself being stubborn, make a conscious decision to stretch into something new like courage, collaboration, or creativity. Will you do this? Was this insightful? I hope so!

Love, Peace, & Happiness,
Adrienne, the Soul Power Coach™

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