Jattu Senesie, Maryland

“It was a classic case of burnout. Helped me find the peace I had been seeking”

– Jattu, Maryland

“As I became more successful as a personal trainer, I found myself reverting back to the old feelings of constant exhaustion.”

“My journey to working with Adrienne was a long one. In September 2010 I made the decision to leave my job as an obstetrician-gynecologist to pursue my own personal wellness. At the time I did not have a clear picture of what wellness was for me but I was confident the current situation was not it. Six years in private practice, after four years each in medical school and residency training, had left me emotionally and physically drained. It was a classic case of burnout. After some down time for rest and rejuvenation, I decided to return to work in a capacity where I was still able to help other people. This time I wanted to do it in a way that was both fulfilling and energizing.
The groups that always touched my heart the most were those struggling with excess weight and my fellow burnt out physicians. Unsure how I could help the latter, I knew I could address the former by working as a personal trainer. However, as I became more successful as a personal trainer, I found myself reverting back to the old feelings of constant exhaustion. It made no sense to me because theoretically I had a much less stressful job now. The fact was I managed to bring the same maladaptive life skills to personal training that I had as a full-time ob/gyn. 

Once I recognized I am best able to help others when I do what I need for myself, I made a special effort to focus on all aspects of life that contribute to my well-being, not just fitness and nutrition. That is when I started working with Adrienne. Her simple 30 second challenge made it clear to me I was ignoring many life areas that factor in to my personal satisfaction. My main goal with coaching was gaining skills to make important decisions for my future and to maintain a sense of peace in my daily activities. Adrienne brought the right combination of encouragement and challenge to help me see for myself what held me back and what drew me forward. By employing the tools from coaching, I was able to home in on my life purpose and to put systems in place that allow me to live true to that purpose every day. Being genuine to myself in my decision-making helped me find the peace I had been seeking since I stopped practicing medicine. I also got the clarity I needed to establish my own wellness business. 

The quality I found so refreshing in working with Adrienne is her respect for my ability to know myself. The world is full of people who can tell you what they think you should do. Adrienne has the skill of helping you acknowledge what you already know you can do. That is when you feel your real Soul Power”

– Dr. Jattu Senesie, Maryland

Wellness Consultant


 Hi Adrienne,

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your support over the past year or so.  I’ve been super-reflective these past couple of months and I realize your help came just when I needed it most.  I know it’s your job to help your clients learn how to live life on purpose. However, I know that God brought you into my life so I could learn to be honest with myself at all times.  It is easy for me to get caught up in what other people want me to be when I am feeling unsure of myself.  Working with you brought me to a place where I am comfortable being me no matter what.  My life is not what I dreamed it would be even as recently as February but I am in a good place spiritually to deal with whatever is coming at me.
 Thanks again for being part of my tribe!
– Jattu


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