“Made me aware of my power at a point when I felt powerless.”

 Sydney, Washington, D.C.

I gained the confidence to trust myself with what I feel!

If there was one word I could use to describe what I received from the Soul Power Coach™ program, it would be…POWER!

Adrienne is “THE” Soul Power Coach™ (aka T. N.)! Adrienne provided me with the tools to recognize my power, be aware of its presence, and how to tap into it. The tools I learned during my conversations, showed me how to trust myself again. By using my words and my voice, I gained the confidence to trust myself with what I feel! I know I am responsible for identifying my power and gaining it back. I am now aware of how fear shows up in my body and how to use it to empower me. I know I have all that I need to be within me and how to live a life of unspeakable joy! This experience made me aware of my power at a point when I felt powerless.

Now that is POWERful!

Thank you Adrienne!

– Sydney Buffalow, Washington, D.C.

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