Michelle Blais, Connecticut

“I’m managing my time better; I’m getting more jobs; I have more clarity”

– Michelle, Connecticut

“Before working with Adrienne, the Soul Power Coach™ I struggled with taking charge of my schedule, productivity, and holding myself accountable to stick to these systems once in place. I decided to sign up for the Soul Power Coaching Program because I wanted to implement strategies, structure, & systems into my life, while still being true to who I am and enjoying life.

Since I started working with Adrienne the Soul Power Coach™, I’m managing my time better; I’m getting more jobs; and I have more clarity in my Guidelines for Living® about what the specific hurdles are for me. Now that I have more clarity, I am structuring my life according to my unique purpose and I know exactly how to get back on purpose. What I like the most about working with Adrienne is that she is not feeding me answers. She is making me think instead of thinking for me. Adrienne sits back, listens, and prompts me for responses. It’s more valuable to me because I’m learning to come up with the answers myself. The guidance is coming from my authentic self more than anything else.”

– Michelle Blais, Connecticut

Graphic Artist | Branding Stylist

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