“Has done for me what therapy didn’t completely manage to do, which is to make me whole again.”

I highly recommended for those who know they are so much more, but keep getting stuck and unsure of how to move forward.

Before working with Adrienne, I struggled with self-doubt and fear of failing, and they were stopping me from producing the results I wanted in my life. I am a passionate, creative thinker, with big ideas about being of service to the world. However, I felt like I was feeling and thinking too much. I was all over the place, and kept second guessing myself. I wanted to help everyone, but was hurt and surprised when it wasn’t reciprocated. That’s not a practical way to think and I needed to learn to protect myself. I wanted to understand the bigger picture of why I’m helping someone, and help the right people. I didn’t want to continue feeling stifled, unappreciated, unfulfilled, like I wasn’t on the right path. I felt ready for the next level but wondered “why am I still stuck here?”

I’m a strategic thinker and I have done great things but was always told that I need to be further ahead, and deserved so much more. I know I do, but I couldn’t seem get the right mindset to get there. I needed to be in a career that let me utilize my skillsets to the fullest – changing things and helping young professionals reach their goals. I wanted to feel the unspeakable joy of using my time to leave a mark, helping other people who need to step up. I wanted to leave a legacy. I would love to make more money and be paid what I’m worth. I wanted to be able to help support people, and do more things for myself and my family. I love my family, but needed to concentrate on myself in order to be more helpful to my family. I’m the one most of them go to for help and advice. I was surrounded by friends who constantly needed my assistance and guidance, but I couldn’t identify who could be there for me that I could count on. I love them, but it felt very demanding and required a lot of my time.

I did know that improving people’s lives and helping them is what gives me joy. I wanted to be the best version of myself, and to be happy in order to be of service to people, but I felt stuck and unsure about my path, and career choices. I decided to work with Adrienne, the Soul Power Coach™ because I know that it’s in me to do well, but I was not sure why I couldn’t seem to get there. I was confused about what was holding me back, or what I was doing wrong. I thought Adrienne could help me. I felt like a lone wolf, as she described on her website. I wanted to understand my life purpose, chart my path and understand what I want in life. I hoped to gain clarity, guidelines, and self-awareness to know when I’m doing something that puts me off course.

I am only halfway through my time working with Adrienne but I already understand my path in life and I am doing what makes me content and happy. I now have clarity on what I truly want for me; how to fit the pieces together to get them; and what gaps I need to fill to reach my goals. I am living with purpose in a constant state of consciousness. I feel a sharpness and self-awareness. I am more free, empowered, peaceful, confident, and calm. I have more gratitude, joy, focus, strength, and power. I see myself as an authority, who is worthy of a balanced work life. I am unstoppable, and comfortable with myself. I am more adventurous saying yes to things. This experience has completely change my life. Now I am empowering more change and empowering more connections. I have the ability to think through the decision making process; trust my decisions; and understand why I am making them. I love having a set of guidelines to keep me on the right path, not compromising on what I need to function at a higher level.

Adrienne, is a God-send, and has done for me what therapy didn’t completely manage to do, which is to make me whole again. Now I have purpose, and a roadmap of what I am truly working for. I have a clear understanding of what I want to accomplish, what I love to do, what I’m good at, and what I want to be remembered for. I highly recommended working with Adrienne, the Soul Power Coach™ for those who know they are so much more, but keep getting stuck and unsure of how to move forward.

– Lydia B., Marketing, Communications, PR, Digital Strategy Consultant

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