“struggled with inefficient time management, planning & computer skills that would help me be more organized.”

– Ros, Virginia 

“I decided to focus on things that light me up inside. I’m paying attention to, and taking action like I never have before.”

For the last 33 years I’ve joyfully prioritized my family and being a wife and mother. I count it a blessing to have lived in the same home and community in Seattle, Washington for 27 years. I chose to move to New York with my husband in 2016 so he could become the CEO of a national nonprofit. Now for the past several months, we’ve been living in Virginia, and plan to stay for at least 5 years. I’ve been managing our cross country transition and two East Coast moves – all of which have been difficult and consuming. I’m committed to supporting my husband in his career, but I also needed and wanted to utilize my skills and talents to serve children. Even though I’m not a complete beginner, I still struggled with inefficient time management, planning and computer skills that would help me be more organized. I knew I had something meaningful and unique to contribute, although I wasn’t totally clear on my purpose. By not doing what I was meant to be doing, I was living with some dissatisfaction.  At this point in my life, I was ready to invest my time and financial resources to get the guidance and support Soul Power Coach™ provides. I was all done talking myself out reaching out for this expertise.  


Since I started working with Soul Power Coach™, I decided to focus on things that light me up inside. Adrienne helped me realize how I stand in my Soul Power. Such a revelation! I’m paying attention to, and taking action like I never have before. I’ve developed a life purpose statement and guidelines that are meaningful and authentic for me. Reminding myself of these guidelines daily is a positive habit. I also recognize how my guidelines are connected to the 7 Points of Purposeful Decisions™. Now when I’m uncertain about a decision, I intentionally question whether my actions fit with my unique life purpose. These simple tools are helping me focus on the present. 


Adrienne is beyond skilled, in fact I describe her as gifted. When I looked her up online, I was impressed but a little bit skeptical. I love the way she dispelled my doubts and obliterated all of my potential excuses! Now that I’ve been working with her, I’m inspired and encouraged because she’s an example of someone who is living out her unique life purpose. That gives me hope. The fact that Adrienne walks the talk with authenticity is powerful. Soul Power Coach™ is outstanding!

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