Private Client, Maryland

“I made significant progress in all seven of my intended program results, meeting or exceeding four of my targets.” – Private Client, Maryland

I needed to resolve issues at home that were having an impact on my marriage and my children. I also wanted to know I was doing what I could to rise as quick as possible professionally.

I am a kind person, but sometimes got too caught up in trying to make others happy. I struggled with fear, self-doubt, and  allowing others to affect my decisions. I was not establishing boundaries for people, then people were able to take advantage of me or my family. I was giving away my power. Even though I have lived a very good life blessed with a great family, a very good job/career, and I’m financially blessed, I wanted to gain a better insight into who I am, what I want and why.


I am a senior manager in a necessary and rewarding area and needed more balance between career with family. 

I decided to work with Adrienne because I deal with a lot of stress and frustration that was having an impact on my peace. I needed focus, planning, and organization to take my power back and keep it. I wasn’t as ‘deep’ in my emotions as I should be. I wanted to create a more active relationship with God and be more involved in a service ministry.

Since working with Soul Power Coach™ I am stronger and more successful improving family, work and society. I’m finding it less difficult to carve out time for myself. I am more self-reliant, confident confident, and better at establishing and accomplishing goals. Personally, I am improving communication, and better providing a complete sense of comfort, emotionally and financially,  to all members of my family. Professionally, I’m setting and achieving goals that result in an increase in professional benefit, increase in wealth and mental fulfillment. My professional interaction is improved. I’m getting to yes on business development and increasing my visibility.  

Within 5 months, I made significant progress in all seven of my intended program results, meeting or exceeding four of my targets. The remaining results are within 2 points or less of where I intended to be within 6 months. I’m speaking more positively about who I am and what I am doing. Working with Soul Power Coach™ has been very beneficial for me. I will be recommending this experience to other men and women.  

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