What is this program?

For those procrastinating types who need more frequent contact than the 6-Month Steady Support Program provides. This option is my 6-Month Steady Support Program package with additional check ins between conversations.

How do I know if this is the right program for me?

The 9- Month Handholding seems like way too much support. This is the right level for people who need life purpose, direction, and some suggested tools for improvement and want more frequent contact than the 6-Month Steady Support offers. Procrastination and consistency are serious issues for you. Between you and me, you have questions in your mind about if you will hold yourself accountable for implementing these tools. You’re concerned that this program will not work for you because you get distracted so easily. If you are worried about wasting your time on yet another program that you might not finish, this is your solution. If you want help getting the work done and some guidance to refocus between coaching conversations to sustain your momentum, I designed this option specifically for you.

How does the Soul Power Coach Help Me?

We schedule 7 private calls as needed to troubleshoot any issues and analyze your momentum between coaching conversations. I help you identify your Unique Life Purpose & provide steady support for applying the Soul Power Coaching Tools to your life.

What does this program include?

  • 8 Private One-on-One Soul Power Coaching Conversations
  • 7 Phone Calls to Check In Between Meetings
  • The Life Purpose Process
  • The Results Game and Analysis
  • The Well Being Game and Analysis
  • The Guidelines for Living
  • Circle of Unspeakable JOY
  • Virtual & In Person Coaching Available

Where will the coaching take place?

You can opt to be coached:

  1. Virtually via webcam
  2. Over the phone

What is my time commitment?

This 6-month option meets for 8 Private Coaching Conversations. Each conversation lasts for 2 hours and they are scheduled 2-3 weeks a part.

Additionally, you have 7 phone conversations you can use to touch base, refocus,  troubleshoot challenges, or shore up your momentum anytime between the 8 coaching conversations. Each conversation will last a maximum of 60 minutes and is scheduled per request.

What are my other coaching support program options?

There are three coaching options available to you. This option is a hybrid of the other two. Please review the 9-Month Option and the 6-Month Option to decide what level of coaching support is the right fit for you.

Is this the perfect level of support for you?